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Strategies for Recruiting a Dependable Workforce

Posted on Saturday Feb 10, 2018 at 09:30PM in Irrigation

If you want to be successful, you need to have the right team.

This year, landscape and irrigation contractors will need to have a solid recruiting plan to attract, train and retain employees to grow their companies. Here are some ways you can address that challenge head-on:

1) Recruit Continuously  You must be looking all of the time. And do everything you can to let people know you’re looking for candidates even when you’re fully staffed. Adopt the tactics of retailers and fast food outlets. Post signs on your building, on your trucks and circulate flyers in every location you can imagine. Make a deal with on-line recruiting websites to run ads all-season. Create a dedicated page and application form on your website to greet potential candidates.

2) Start an Employee Referral Program  Where do you find great new employees? Ask your existing team members. Drive more referrals by establishing a referral bonus program for current employees who refer a new team member. You MUST promote this program to make it work!

3) Make a Special Effort to Reach Hispanic Workers  Tuning your recruiting tactics to this special audience can result in you connecting with experienced, productive employees.

4) Stealing Employees from Competitors is a Risky Solution  At first glance, stealing a valued employee from a competitor seems like the ideal solution when you have an open position. It’s fast, it seems easy and it drives results, right? Maybe not. Be careful.

5) Treat New Applicants Like Valued Customers  First impressions matter. Give candidates a warm welcome to your company before and during the interview process.

The Bottom Line: Recruit, Recruit, Recruit. Start early and be prepared to work harder to find great candidates to fuel your company’s growth. Let your Davis representative know how we can help your efforts.

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